19. November 2023  
Birmingham, GBR  

30th Trampoline Age Group Competitions 2023

One week after the 37th Trampoline World Championships 2023, the 30th anniversary competitions, the so-called "World Age Group Competitions" of the World Gymnastics Federation FIG, take place from November 16 to 19 in the Utilita World Championships Arena of Birmingham, Great Britain.
Differentiated by age groups (11-12 years; 13-14 years; 15-16 years), but also as age group 4 (17-21 years) now as the World Junior Championships will be held for the first time.
As with the elite, the champions of their age groups will be determined in the disciplines of individual & synchronised trampoline (TRA), double minitramp (DMT) and tumbling (TUM). The 32 finals will focus exclusively on individual competitions. Over 800 athletes from 41 nations have travelled to the event in Great Britain ...:

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