16. September 2019  
Khabarovsk, RUS  

3rd Trampoline World Cup 2019 in Siberia

A little time-delayed before the 3rd Trampoline World Cup 2019, September 19-21 in the Siberian Khabarovsk also the Russian State Championships take place there.
So far, 73 men and 53 women have registered for the World Cup. Germany is represented there with Matthias Pfleiderer, Fabian Vogel, Lars Fritzsche and for the first time with Matthias Schuldt as a new P-squad member. For the women, Leonie Adam, Silva Müller and for the first time after their injury break Aileen Roesler at the start. The world ranking points are important for the Olympic qualification. After the World Cup in Siberia, followed by a World Cup in Spain and then the World Championships in Tokyo.