07. July 2018  
Arosa, SUI  

50th International Nissen-Cup 2018

2018, July 06/07, the 50th International Nissen Cup 2018 took place in the tourist center of Arosa (Switzerland) in Graubünden.
The oldest international trampoline competition owes its name to the inventor of the trampoline, George NISSEN (USA), is held every two years in Switzerland and for the fifth time in Arosa. These traditional competitions with the status of an F.I.G. World Cup as well as the also announced junior competitions are expected to attract around 150 athletes and carers from over 17 nations.
Georg NISSEN - a "Professor of Sports" - designed the first prototype of a trampoline in his garage in the 1930s, fixing a piece of cloth with elastic bands on a metal frame - which is considered the birth of the trampoline.
Today trampoline gymnastics (singles & synchronous) is also very popular as a recreational sport and since 2000 (Sydney) the elite sport (trampoline, individual) is the most recent Olympic discipline of gymnastics.