08. October 2023  
Varna, BUL  

The FIG Trampoline World Cup Circuit 2023

In the trampoline disciplines (TRA; DMT; TUM), the European Championships in April and the World Championships in Birmingham (November) characterise the Pre-Olympic competition year 2023, as well as a series of five FIG World Cups:
* The start was already made at the end of February with World Cup No. 1, with the "AGF Trophy" in Baku / AZE.
After the European Championships in Guimaraes, Portugal, two more World Cups will follow in July in Portugal (Santarem, Coimbra), before the series will be continued in August in Palm Beach, USA, and will be concluded in October shortly before the World Championships in Varna, BUL ...:

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→ ... current event:

(3) WORLD CUP, TRA / SYN / DMT / TUM - in Coimbra / Portugal
       - Coimbra / POR   07. / 08. Juliy2023 -

* In Coimbra, Portugal, the qualification for the individual places in trampoline gymnastics at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris began on the second weekend of July, with several Olympic and world champions taking part. Qualifying for the individual and synchronised competitions began on Friday, with the finals following on Saturday.
While the trampoline gymnasts were fighting for the Olympic qualification, for the gymnasts in the other disciplines it was all about proving themselves in the run-up to the World Championships in Birmingham (GBR) this year..

** 7./8. 2023 --:
The following note explains why we were not able to report from Coimbra on a daily basis:
"coimbragymfest.org uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate coimbragymfest.org is not trusted because it was signed by the issuer himself."
 Too bad!
* 10. 07. 2023:
... It was only through friendly international partner help (US Gym Fed) that we managed to get the WC results:
♦♦ WORLD CUP , Coimbra / POR (07./08. Juli)

R E S U L T S:

Trampoline Qualifications    TRA FINALS

Synchro Qualifications       SYN FINALS

Double Mini Qualifications  DMT FINALS

Tumbling Qualifications       TUM FINALS

* * POINT OF VIEW--: In the future, unfortunately, we will have to do without daily updates and the preparation of condensed events for the sports-interested public if the quality of the data provided by the organisers is inadequate. Unfortunately, the insiders / fans of the sports remain largely among themselves.
Even the most colourful, but often dubious and incompetent social network formats do nothing to change this!

* gymmedia / Eckhard Herholz

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(1) WORLD CUP - TRA: "AGF Trophy 2023"
        - Baku / AZE 18. / 19. February-

The FIG Trampoline World Cup Circuit 2023 kicked off with a double victory for Kazakhstan in the men's event and for Brazil in the women's event.
The German synchronised pair Lauxtermann/Vogel came second in the synchronised competition.
In the singles, Vogel was the only German participant in the semi-finals to miss the final after it was abandoned.

1. Danil Mussabayev (KAZ) - 59,240
2. Jorge Martin           (ESP) - 58,530
3. Allan Morante          (FRA) - 58,270
1. KAZ - Mussabayev/Aliyev    - 51,940
2. GER - Lauxtermann/Vogel - 51,080
3. POR - Abreu/Ferreira        - 50,73

1. Camille Gomez (BRA)      - 54,860
2. Lea Labrousse (FRA)      - 53,970
3. Seljan Mahsudova  (AZE) - 52,910

1.BRA - Gomes/Gomes        - 46,340
2. UKR - Malkova/Kuleshova - 46,010
3. USA 2- Stevens/van Natta - 44,500

* 19. 02. 2023:
♦ RESULTS (Overview)


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