12. August 2015  
’s-Hertogenbosch, NED  

FIG and UEG join forces at Trampoline Gymnastics Academy in the Netherlands

* f i g -NEWS --: During the beginning of August, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) conducted a Level 2 Academy for Trampoline Gymnastics in s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands at the Flik-Flak Gymnastics Training Center. It was the second time that the Netherlands has hosted a FIG Academy and also the second time that such an Academy was held cooperatively with the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) and its Trampoline Technical Committee. The UEG held a Trampoline training camp at the same time and in the same venue. Although ultimately these two events were held independently of each other, the UEG training camp experts were, in part funded and also shared for the FIG Academy. Each of them had also served as FIG Academy experts in the past.
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