19. April 2016  
Rio de Janeiro / BRA  

Pre-OLYMPIC TEST-Event, Today: Trampoline Gymnastics

Thirteen men and 13 women whose countries have not yet qualified for the Olympic Games will attempt to earn the last Olympic berths up in the air in Trampoline at the Test Event.
2008 OIympic silver medallist Jason Burnett (CAN) as well as gymnasts from Australia, Colombia, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA will aim to win Olympic places in the Men’s competition.
Competitors from France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, the USA and Uzbekistan -- one of whose entrants, Ekaterina Khilko, has competed at every Olympic Games since 2000 -- will contend for Olympic places in the Women’s competition.
Regardless of the outcome of the competition, Brazil’s Rafael Andrade will be accorded one of the eight places in the Men’s Trampoline competition in Rio, as the host country has the right to enter one male or one female gymnast in the discipline.

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The last eight tickets for men and women in Trampoline Gymnastics were distributed Tuesday at the Olympic Test Event, in the same arena where the Olympic medals will be handed out this August. Though all medallists from the last World Championships were invited to take part in the competition, both World titleholders, China's Li Dan and Gao Lei, missed their routines in finals, allowing reigning World silver medallists LIU Lingling of China and Uladzislau HANCHAROU of Belarus to supplant them atop the podium at the big pre-Olympic dress rehearsal:
Men's Trampoline --:  Dylan Schmidt, the gold medallist at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, gave New Zealand its Olympic ticket with gusto, while Portugal, the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Canada, who competed 2008 Olympic silver medallist Jason Burnett, also obtained Olympic berths.
Brazil's Rafael Andrade also confirmed his place, thanks to the priority accorded to the Olympic host. The eighth and final berth should be awarded to Kazakhstan, once it is confirmed that no country will benefit from an Olympic Tripartite Commission invitation.
After a nearly flawless routine in the qualification round, Gao Lei seemed on course for gold as he strung together impressive combinations of triple somersaults to begin his final routine. But a landing off the trampoline bed later relegated him to eighth place, while the steady Hancharou jumped at his chance for gold. He was followed by Schmidt, whose quality execution throughout the competition were rewarded with silver.  Two-time Olympic veteran Diogo Ganchinho of Portugal took bronze.
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Women's Trampoline --:  On the women's side, competition for the last eight spots was between nine nations, due to the one-gymnast-per-country rule. The Netherlands's Bo Bet was the odd gymnast out after bouncing off the trampoline during her second routine. The Dutch thus eliminated, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Portugal, and the USA obtained the remaining places for August's Games. France technically pocketed the final berth, although like Kazakhstan in men's Trampoline, must now await official confirmation that no Olympic Tripartite Commission invitation will be awarded. Ekaterina Khilko, the top Uzbek competitor at the Test Event, is likely to be named as her country's representative in Rio for what would be her fifth Games. Khilko's presence this summer in Rio would make her the only competitor to have competed at every Games since Trampoline became part of the Olympic programme in 2000.
China's World champion Li Dan and Vice champion Liu Lingling, and Belarus's Tatsiana Piatrenia, who composed the podium at the 2015 Worlds in Odense, topped the standings in the qualifying round, finishing in the same order as they did at Worlds. In the final, however, LI Dan (with the highest difficulty (15.40) but the deepest execution (21.6)) - grazed the edge of the Trampoline, ending her chances at another gold. Flighty and elegant in her execution, LIU Lingling, the 2014 World champion (Daytona Beach), capitalized to grab the gold.
Russian Yana Pavlova's more difficult exercise allowed her to ascend to silver medal position, ahead of Piatrenia.
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 * f i g -info - - :
Following the Trampoline Qualification Competition at the Gymnastics Test Event in Rio, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) herewith confirms the list of nations and individual gymnasts that have qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
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