3. December 2016
Cran Canaria

Again it was a special "Festival of the Hearts" and this in a Europe full of problems:
The 56th BLUME-Festival Gran Canaria 2016, which finished today, was like an island of friendliness and cooperation again. The common sport led people together, differences were blurred, friendships arose or were deepened.
To conclude this eventful 10 days, the Chieforganizer, Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ (ESP)  drew the next record

1. December 2016
Telde, GC

Remarkable spectator resonance took place today in the 100,000-inhabitant city of Telde - near the airport of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, the contests of the "International BLUME-AEROBIC-Cup 2016": The atmosphere of an almost full competition hall accompanied the actors from three nations, From the Cape Verde Islands, from Spain and from Germany - with a youthful tradition that is also internationally recognized. The winner of the women's singles competition, for example, was enthusiastically acclaimed by Janka DAUBNER (20,800), one of Germany's most well-known aerobics winners, who won over 20 championships at home, their World Cups are double-digit Acting as a head coach and head of an academy of sports in her hometown correspond to her extraordinary sports career.

30. November 2016
Arucas, GC

If you get the impression that the older semesters, the "Golden Ager" dominate at the BLUME-Festival - far away:
For example, the average age was estimated at the dynamic BLUME Gala in the North of Gran Canaria, in the green "banana republic" Arucas certainly not 20 years.
Many children with their groups and schools in the area showed their programs. As foreign actors, for example, the German aerobics from the aerobic base Halle in Saxonia-Anhalt interfered with the participants; With her also Germany's longtime and indestructible aerobic queen Janka Daubner with a rousing Can Can. Also the Rope skippers from TV Leer 1860, the "Pink Candy Steppers & Friends" in their US-shirts earned recognition and giant applause ...

30. November 2016
San Fernando, GC

The four-day workshop program 2016 at the BLUME Festival offers the widest range of possibilities:
<< You can learn about the amazing use of colored tights for general body reinforcement, participate in aqua gymnastics in the swimming pool of the sports center of San Fernando in the Northern part of Maspalomas, or participate in the numerous classes in the halls and gymnasium:
You can test your co-ordination skills when learning the moonwalk, participate in happy gym choreographies, or get ready for Zumba exercises:
* Fitness with imagination and creativity: If you are coming to the BLUME festival, you can guarantee a varied fitness holiday under professional guidance!

29. November 2016
Las Palmas, ESP

The largest number of annual participants are, of course, the many clubs of the Canary Islands themselves:
This year there are more than 4,000 enthusiastic children and adolescents as well as an increasing number of adults who experience and enjoy their great emotional moments during the many performances.
In Las Palmas Park Catalina, our GYMmedia correspondent Achim Schäfer visited the traditional "BLUME Matinee Las Palmas", where many parents and family members could observe and celebrate their sporting sprouts. Gymnastics and gymnastics in all their varieties and modifications - right up to the show with almost unlimited design possibilities - have a very long and good tradition here ...

27. November 2016

With traditional Spanish dances and musical folklore, the first BLUME-Gala 2016 opened the reigns of the show events on Sunday evening at the large commercial Yumbo center of the tourist place of Maspalomas.
Except for the last place were the expectant ranks, on which also tourists from many countries enjoy this sport-culinary highlight.
Of the groups from a total of 17 nations, the organizers had given the best and most impressive presentation on the YUMBO stage ...

26. November 2016
Las Palmas, ESP

In the university sports hall in the district Tafira of the island's capital Las Palmas was invited for the 8th time to an International TeamGym contest - however, only British players had ...
Newly incorporated into the competition, however, the Spanish BLUME organizers had the trampoline disciplines, including double minitramp and tumbling ...