06. June 2009  
Moscow, Russia  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

10th Aesthetic Group Gymnastics World Championships

The "International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics" (IFAGG) organizes the 10th World Championships für Gymnastic Groups, which held inthe capital of Russia, in Moscow.
The Group "Deltat/Oro" from Finland wom the gold medal at the Saturday final with a score of ^18,359, followed by the two Russian groups "Oscar" (18,150) and "Madonna" (17,550) on third place.

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) has been recognized internationally as a competitive sport since 1996.

The first international competition was held in Helsinki, Finland in 1996. During the following three years of successful international competitions, the idea of establishing a world championship competition was born. ...

WCh Venue in Moscow
Photos by Dirk Zimmermann

WCh Gymnastic Groups

June 2000
the 1st World Championships became a reality
- in Helsinki, Finland in 2000, an than:
- in Tallinn, Estonia in 2001;
- in Prague, Czech Republic in 2002;
- in Graz, Austria in 2003;
- in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2004;
- in Copenhagen,
- in Copenhagen,Denmark in 2005 and
- inTampere, Finland in 2006.
- in Salou, Spain 2007 and
- in Toronto, Canada 2008 and now
- Moscow, Russia 2009

Group INEF, Barcelona, Spain