26. February 2008  
Tokyo / Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

The 10th Japan R.G Child Championships

Japanese Talents met in Tokyo ...
From February 22 to 24 the 10th Japan Rhythmic G ymnastics Child Championships 2008  was held in Tokyo.
All together 908 (!) gymnasts took part representing all areas of Japan.
Japanese Child Championships are a yearly event and represents  competitions for age group six to twelve years.
In the center point are no apparatuses but physical abilities and rhythmic performances firstly...
* R E S U LT S:
*3,4 grade
1. Kaho Minagawa (JUSCO) 18.79
2. Ran Nakamichi (Sumire RG)  17.19
3. Sena Arai (STELLA)  16.33
4. Ryoko Inomata (Wing Matsumoto R.G.)  16.12
5. Rinoka Ijuin (Fresh Niigata R.G.) - 16.06
6. Mao Ikeda (Angel RG KAGAWA Nichu Kokubunji) : 15.86

* 5.6.grade
1. Miku Miyamoto (AEON) : 11.40
2. Kiyomi Futamata (NPO Gifu RG Club) - 11.05
3. Minami Sasaki (Hikosen RG Club) :- 10.95
4. Mako Sasaki (Yamagata R.G.) - 10.85
5. Momoka Nagai (Sumire R.G.) - 10.65
6. Ayaka Sito (Mai Kids R.P.G.) -10.30


A Show of Japanese Olympic Group
After the medals ceremony the Japanese Olympic Group presented its new performance. They performed under the music "Kill Bill" and the theme ' SAMURAI spirit' ...:

Japanese Olympic Group, named 'Fairy Japan POLA', the name of a cosmetic sponsor

 New group member,Yuka ENDO from STELLA is the winner of the Youth championships and she is one of the most talented RG gymnasts in Japan.
She said: "I never thought that I could join in the national Beijing's group member, but now I realized ist ...! Only six members can really enter to Beijing Olympic games.... And I have a vision at the 2012 London Olympics, I could entry as an individual gymnast!"
In her childhood Yuka Endo was also one of the winners of these Japanese Child's Championships.

* Reported for GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL
   by Takako Kobayashi - from Tokyo.