21. August 2005  
Tokyo, Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

14th Japan RG Club Championships

Japanese AEON Trials...

On August 19.-21. the 14th Japan R.G.Club Championships were held in Tokyo. The competition is for club teams and individuals each team including one junior gymnast and two senior gymnasts.
This year the Japanese club team champion is one more time AEON, thus: AEON never lost before!
In second place came the NPO GIFU RG Club, and in third the YAMAGATA RG.

In the same RG event, first place of the individual seniors competition was Ai Yokochi from the winner team AEON in front of her teammate Yachiyo Nakamura,also team AEON. Bronze medalist is Nanase Shoji (YAMAGAT RG) ......

Winner team 2005: 'AEON'

14th Japanese Rhythmic Gymnastics AEON Cup

*Team results
(1) AEON:150.425
(2) NPO GIFU RG CLUB:130.825
(3) YAMAGATA RG:127.400

*Indivisual senior results
(1) Ai Yokochi
(AEON) 54.775
(2) Yachiyo Nakamura (AEON) 54.175
(3) Nananse Shoji (YAMAGATA RG) 47.225
(4) Miwa Asano (NPO GIFU RG CLUB) 45.200
(5) Tomomi Nishida (AQUA) 45.000
(6) Yuma Terasawa (MACHIDA RG)

Haruna Masunaka, Junior Champion