04. August 2006  
Surat, India  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

3rd Asian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Team of Kazakhstan was the winner of the nation competition of the 3rd Asian Gymnastics Championships 2006', which are held in Surat, India.
Best of all-round was Aliya Yusupova (KAZ) with a score of 63.640, followed by the Japanese Yukari Murata (55.570) and the Chinese Xiao, Yiming (53,980).
Yussupova and her nation Kazakhstan won all the 6 gold medals in rhythmic gymnastics in a prepotent manner. On second place came China (0-1-3), followed by Korea (0-1-1)...

Murata - second placed in AA

Rhythmic, Finals:

Rope: 1. Aliya Yussupova (Kaz) 16.375, 2. Maiya Zainullina (Kaz) 13.700, 3. Yukari Murata (Jpn) 13.650.

Ball: 1. Aliya Yussupova (Kaz) 15.675, 2. Sin Un Jin (Kor) 14.600, 3. Yukari Murata (Jpn) 14.200.

Ribbon: 1. Aliya Yussupova (Kaz) 15.725, 2. Yukari Murata (Jpn) 14.800, 3. Liang Yuting (Chn) 13.650.

Clubs: 1. Aliya Yussupova (Kaz) 15.750, 2. Ding Yidan (Chn) 14.925, 3. Yukari Murata (Jpn), Kyung Hwa Lee (Kor), Lai Ying-Tzu (Tpe) 14.725.