26. March 2006  
Thiais /FRA  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

3rd Grand Prix Tournament - Sesina was the best

At the third RG Grand Prix tournament of 2006 series in Thiais (FRA) in the all around competition the Russians got the first places. Vera Sesina(65,525) won in front of Olympic Champion Alina Kabaeva (65,325) and World Champion Olga Kapranova(65,200).
Vera Sesina was the best gymnast of the finals, too. She won with rope, ball an clubs; Olga Kapranova took the first place of final with ribbon.
The tradition tournament in its 20. edition has again a group competition on the program. The Byelorussian group triumphed before Russia and China and was also the best team of final with ribbons. Russia won the group final with hoops/clubs.

The group of Belarus - winner of all around and fional with ribbons


1. Vera Sesina RUS 17,225
2. Inna Zhukova BLR 16,250
3. Olga Kapranova RUS 16,225


1. Vera Sesina 17,275
2. Alina Kabaeva 16,775
3. Alya Yusupova KAZ 16,675


1. Vera Sesina 17,200
2. Olga Kapranova 16,775
3. Natalja Godunko UKR 16,450


1. Olga Kapranova 17,200
2. Vera Sesina 16,800
3. Natalja Godunko 16,425