25. November 2007  
Tokyo / Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

60th All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2007

From November 22nd to 25th, the 60th All Japan Championships 2007 of  Rhythmic Gymnastics were held in Tokyo.

Ai YOKOCHI was happy but at the same time sorrowful: She won the first big national title at last, just in time with her retirement.
With a score of 59.900 she beat  Mai HIDAKA (59.700) and so she blocked the 7th title in sequence of the 'Grand Dame" of Japanese Rhythmic gymnastics, Yukari MURATA, who came at third place at the all-round competition (53.350).

Mai HIDAKA won the titles with rope and hoop and
Yukari MURATA the clubs and ribbon decisions at he end of these national championships.

* Reporting for GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL:
Japanese correspondent Takako KOBAYASHI, text & photos

Ai YOKOCHI: first all-around title at the end of her top sports career

Mai Hidaka - one of the group members at the last Worlds 2007 Baku - will be the new leading gymnast now in Japan, becaurse Ai Yokochi and Yukari Murata decided to retire after this competition. So Ai Yokochi sized her last chance during these All Japan Championships.

* Reportd by Takako Kobayashi from Tokyo

* RESULTS, All Around
1. Ai Yokochi           59.900
2. Mai Hidaka         59.700
3. Yukari Murata   59.350

4. Yuria Ohnuki :      57.600
5. Mimi Inoue :         57.050
6. Masami Kozai :   56.800
7. Yuka Endo :         56.175
8. Yui Kawahara :   56.050
9. Nanase Shoji :    55.725
10. Riko Anakubo : 54.700

Yukari MURATA at third place
and winning two titles:
- decided also her retirement!