23. May 2010  
Minsk / Belarus  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

(7) World Cup in Minsk: Kanaeva also dominates the world cup

This weekend the rhythmic family made a stopover in Minsk for the "World Cup BelSwissBank".
50 individual senior and 19 junior gymnasts as well as 11 groups from all over the world, even as far as from North Korea and Venezuela, competed in these three days.
Once again the Russian super star Evgenia KANAEVA was unbeatable, not in all-around and not in the Sunday's final.
Togethe with Daria Dmitrieva (rope) and two times with Daria Kondakova Russia landed double successes. Onli one time Byelorussian Lyubov Charkashina came on second with the hoop.
At final day BELARUS won both group finals in front of Japan (5 hoops) and of Russia (ropes/ribbons) ...

Minsk's sport's palace where the competition tookplace
* GYMmedia editor Esther Teijeira reporting directly fom Belarus

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Minsk 2009: Kanaeva unbeatable!

FRIDAY, 21st of May

Friday's groups all-around finished with the Russian group winning in front of the girls from Belarus and Israel. Unfortunately, the local girls had two drops in each exercise and had to let the Russian gymnasts pass. Israel also had some little mistakes in every exercise but could beat Japan and Azerbaidjan.

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Nataliya Leshyk (BLR), winner Crystal Rose Cup for Juniors

SATURDAY, 22nd May

... Russian Evgenia Kanaeva winning with 116,050 points ahead of her teammate Daria Dimitrieva - getting even a 10 in artistic value for her hoop exercise.
This is the first time with the new code that the judges gave full points for one of the three partial scores that compose the final result. Until today, nobody got 30,000 points for an exercise, what means scoring 10 in all partial marks, but if a gymnast can achieve this right now, it can be only Kanaeva.
On third place came local Belorussian Melitina Staniouta who seemed to be quiet nervous in her last exercise with hoop and made some little mistakes.
Fourth place went to Liubov Charkashyna from Belarus, too, and fifth to Aliya Garaeva from Azerbaidjan.

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* Sunday, May 23 - Final Day

Another golden day for Kanaeva!

She won all four finals and was accompanied on the podium by her own teammates Daria Dimitrieva second with rope, Daria Kondakova, silver with ball and ribbon and by the girls from Belarus, Liubov Charkashyna and Melitina Staniuota getting silver and bronze with hoop and Charkashyna bronze with ball.

Daria Diimitrieva’s hoop went out of the carpet during her routine and she placed only sixth. In the ribbon final, the only medal at this competition for Azerbaidjan went to Aliya Garaeva.

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