30. October 2005  
Tokyo / Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

AEON CUP 2005 - GAZPROM and Kapranova win in Tokyo

From October 28 to 30 the AEON CUP 2005 take place in Tokyo, Japan.
This AEON Cup is somewhat like the inofficial 'Team worlds for clubs' of rhythmic gymnastics.
Alltogether 21 clubs from 21 countries take part at this competition, including all the worldwide top stars.

The best eight clubs - on top the Russian GASPROM - steped up the second round, also the 6 senior gymnasts and juniors are qualified for the next round...

<< Olga Kapranova (RUS) - leading on first day was also the best after the final round and her team GAZPROM wins the team event...

'AEON CUP 2005' Winner Team: GAZPROM / Russia
>from left: Olga Kapranova, junior Evgenia Kanaeva, Vera Sesina
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Vera Sessina, leading after clubs and ribbon, second at the end.

* ELITE, All-around
Olga Kapranova came on 1st place after four apparatuses. But she made some mistakes with the clubs. At press conference she said: 'Tomorrow I wil try no mistake - it's my aim!' Her teammate Vera Sesina came on second and said to thre press: 'I don't mind it. The most important thing for me is just audience like my perfomance or not. I'll do my best for.'

* Senior Top 8 Indivisual Final Result All Round
1. Olga Kapranova (GAZPROM/RUS): 64.900
2. Vera Sesina (GAZPROM/RUS):63.450
3. Anna Bessonova (Deriugina School/UKR): 62.575
4. Inna Zhukova (DINAMO Minsk/BLR):62.300
5. Nataliya Godunkko (Deriugina School/UKR): 61.575
6. Anna Gurbanova (Nefchi/AZE): 56.900
7. Dinara Gimatova (Nefchi/AZE): 56.800
8. Valeryia Kurylskaya (DINAMO Minsk/BLR): 54.800

Elite, AA 2nd round
1. Olga Kapranova (GAZPROM / RUS) 64,325
2. Vera Sesina (GAZPROM / RUS) 63,100
3. Anna Bessonova (Deriugina School / UKR) 62,975
4. Natalia Godunko (Deriugina School / UKR) 62,925
5. Inna Zhukova (Dinamo Minsk / BLR) 61,375
6. Dinara Gmatova (Deriugina School / UKR) 57,450
7. Valeria Kurylskaya (Dinamo Minsk / BLR) 56,975
8. Anna Gurbanova (Neftchi / AZE) 56,700

Evgenia Kanaeva - best of juniors....

(26-Oct-2005) -- PREVIEW:
'Aeon Cup 2005' - Presskonferenz on Thursday in Tokyo
From October 28 to 30 the AEON CUP 2005 will held in Tokyo, Japan.
This AEON Cup is somewhat like the inofficial 'Team worlds for clubs' of rhythmic gymnastics....
One day before, on Thursday, was held the press conference with the special guests from Russia Olga Kapranova and from the Ukraine Anna Bessonova (UKR), unequivocally the international top stars of this event.

<< Anna Bessonova said: 'I'm not only here to fight against the others, I also shall perform for Japanese audience, so I'll be glad to let them happy.'...

Press Conference: Anna Bessonova (UKR) and Olga Kapranova (RUS)

The stars from Russia and Ukraine spoke about their targets for this comtetition.
Of couse the complete Japanese press already knew, that Kapranova is the reigning world champion (- recently in Baku / AZE), and thought, that Bessonova is good rival for her.

Also as special guests, Alina Kabaeva and Irina Tchachina were introduced at this event. At first Tchachina leave out this competition, because she had serious injury. So Vera Sessina will perform instead of Tchachina.
Kabaeva spoke for Japanese fun: ' I'm studying and working for the government. Everyone wants to know about my will, coming back or not..... But I don't decide it yet at this moment!'.

For GYMmedia from Tokyo:
Takako Kobayashi
... she will also report from the AEON Cup coming weekend!