22. May 2006  
Tokyo / Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

All Japan Rythmic Gymnastic Youth Championships

From May 19th to 21st the 4th All Japan Youth Championnships 2006 of Rhythmic Gymnastics were held in Tokyo. A champion cup went to Mariko Takahashi from the Hikousen RG Club. Takahashi was one of the Japanese group member of the last world championships in Baku (AZE).

On second place came the last years winner Nanase Shoji from the club 'Yamagata RG' .
followed by the 3rd placed Chihiro Yamamoto from the international wellknown 'AEON Club'....

... powered by Chacott, Japan

Mariko Takahashi, 1st place!

In these days, there are so many gymnasts who bressed with flexibility in Japan. But Mariko Takahashi (1st place) and Chihiro Yamamoto, both of them are not just like that. It means that it's doesn't enough to estimate Rhythmic Gymnastics, physical ability just like flexibility. One mistake is connected with below every gymnasts in rank.
Reported by Takako Kobayashi, Tokyo

Nanase Shoji 2nd place