15. August 2007  
Chiba / Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

All Japanese Club Championships 2007

 ... also the Japanese AEON Cup Trials
The "All Japanese Club Championships 2007" were held in the city of Chiba.
All together 642 gymnasts represented 214 different national clubs of rhythmic gymnastics.
This competition was also the qualification for the world wide and wellknown AEON CUP, the inofficial "world championships" of rhythmic gymnastics clubs.
The three best teams are qualified - the same three like last year:
First the AEON Club, followed by  Hikosen RG club and the NPO Gifu RG club.
<< Ai Yokochi (Aeon) won the all-around competition...

AEON Ryhythmic Gymnastics Club
- winner of the Japanese Trials

Of course  Ai Yokochi will be a member of Japan's national team at the upcoming worlds in Patras, Greece at the end of September - also the next placed four gymnast of this all-around decision. Yokochi replaced the long time Japanese number One Yukari Murata.
The third placed Yuka Endo (STELLA) is the Japanese youth champion (2007, May)  and she just changed from junior into the elite category this year and is a big international Japanese hope for the near future

* Senior All-around Result
1. Ai Yokochi (AEON)                        - 54.325
2. Mimi Inoue (Hikosen RG Club)   - 52.000
3. Yuka Endo (STELLA)                    - 51.275
4. Riko Anakubo (AEON)                  - 51.150
5. Mariko Takahashi (Hikosen RG Club)  - 50.425
6. Masami Kasai (Machida RG)  - 49.725
7. Nanase Shoji (Yamagata RG)  - 49.400
8. Yuma Terasawa (Machida RG)  - 46.350
8. Ayaka Hikima (Woman's RG Club)  - 46.350


* Information.
Takako Kobayashi from Tokyo for GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL