18. March 2007  
Kiev / Ukraine  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Bessonova wins All-around and three Finals...

First World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics
Also after the second day (Saturday) of the "International Derjugina Cup", which is a FIG world cup event, the Ukrainian Anna BESSONOVA leads after the all-around qualification. Specially her hoop exercise was a highlight of the first day. This apparatus is back after a break of two years as an offical discipline again.
On the next ranks came the two Russian Olga KAPRANOVA und Eugenia KANAEVA
On Sunday are following the decisively apparatus finals of the world cup event.
On the edge of the competitions the Grande Dame of Ukraine Rhythmic Gymnastics, Albina DERJUGINA, celebrates her 75th birthday ....
Winning the all-around and three finals the Ukrainian Anna Bessonova was the most successful gymnast in Kiev...

World Cup athmosphere at the this years 'DERJUGINA CUP' - component of the FIG World Cup Serie
- from Kiev for GYMmedia reports Dirk Zimmermann

- magic hoop at first day,
but also in the Sunday's Final

*CLUBS / Keulen:
1. Kapranova Olga (RUS) 17.550
2. Spekht Marina (RUS) 17.450
3. Bessonova Anna (UKR) 17.250

4. Godunko Natalia (UKR) 17.200
5. Yussupova Aliya (KAZ) 16.675
6. Charkashina Liubov (BLR) 16.350
7. Gimatova Dinara (AZE) 16.325
8. Peycheva Simona (BUL) 16.075

*RIBBON / Band
1. Bessonova Anna (UKR) 18.050
2. Kanaeva Eugenia (RUS) 17.550
3. Godunko Natalia (UKR) 17.275

4. Kapranova Olga (UKR) 17.250
5. Yussupova Aliya (KAZ) 16.575
6. Peycheva Simona (BUL) 16.425
7. Gurbanova Anna (AZE) 16.025
8. Garaeva Aliya (AZE) 15.800

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On the edge of competitions
the foundress of the legendary
'Derjugina School'
and 'Grande Dame' of Rhythmic
Gymnastics, celebrates her 75th birthday!

15. DERJUGINA-CUP 2007 - Juniors

The Ukrainian junior Darya Kuschnerova (93,800) won the all-round competition in front of  Ekaterina Malygina (RUS; 90,325) followed by  Valeria Schurkhal (UKR; 89,475).

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