04. April 2003  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

European Championships: Russian groups were the best of 1st day

The Russian senior and junior groups were the best of the first day of the 19th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Riesa. The 1st presentation (exercise with 2 balls and 3 hoops) of senior groups as a part of all around group competition was ted by the Russian World Champions. Bulgaria and Italy follow with very incredible exercises.
The junior groups had a qualification competition with their exercise with hoops. The groups from Russia, Belarus, Greece and Bulgaria were qualified for the final on Sunday.

The senior group of Belarus - 4th after first exercise

: First highlights have been set by the juniors from Greece and the top-favourites from Russia in the senior’s field (27.200). The current World champions have shown a remarkable routine full of difficulties and presented with perfection and charme. If they can be catched up by the others at all....
With a great fireworks of throws and original combinations presented themselves the Bulgarian juniors.
If someone has thought the originality of the Russian group couldn’t be topped the Italian group proved them to be wrong. They have presented an incredible routine with their hoops and balls. The audience cheered for them with Italian temper.
As expected the juniors from Russia have taken the lead – their technical perfection simply can’t be topped.
Once again an extraordinary choreography could be seen: The Bulgarian group have danced their 'Bolero' and also have presented the highest difficulties in their routine which was shown with the typical Bulgarian originality.

The German group

Results junior groups

1. RUS 25,350
2. GRE 24,650
3. BLR 24,600
4. BUL 22,900

5. UKR 22,550, 6. SUI 21,600, 7. FRA 21,450, 8. ESP 20,850, 9. POR 19,950, 10. ITA 19,900, 10. SVK 19,900, 12. EST 19,350, 13. CZE 19,250, 14. GER 19,200, 15. ISR 19,150, 16. AUT 18,900, 17. HUN 18,650, 18. POL 17,100, 19. LAT 16,250, 20. LTU 16,200, 21. MDA 16,150, 22. SWE 15,900
Juniors competition:
Dressed in lighlty green leotards with small flowers the s from Moldavia have opened the junior’s competiton and brought spring atmosphere to the audience of 2,100 spectators. They presented a routine with a lot of originalities and without major mistakes. However, they still have to work on their synchronity.
Right after them the group from Greece which is one of the favourites proved themselves and the audience to be in top-form: they performed remarkably with very safe throws, catches in all varieties, very well presented figures and a good collaboration of the s. In the end they received the score of 24.650 for their artwork and took the lead with this at that point of time.
Also one of the favourites, the group from Ukraine, presented itself playfully and cheeky and with interesting combinations. Like almost all other groups they have also shown an original jump through the hoop.
Bulgaria’s s, dressed in a dark blue leotard with a small skirt, have started their routine in a flower. They presented their routine concentrated and almost without mistakes and with spectacular elements: hoops have been thrown and catched with hoops: A sovereign presentation.
The top-favourite of this championships Russia surprised everyone with very well presented dominoe-effects in their routine: the apparatus wandered from one to the next. A gracefull performance in gold-black leotards – wonderfull!
Belarus started with exciting Samba- music and a speedy performance but didn’t manage to get through their routine without mistakes.
The German group was celebrated by the home crowd and presented a beautifull routine but with too many mistakes. They now hope to improve in their second performance tomorrow.