20. April 2008  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Evgenia KANAEVA won with the total world cup triumph

For the reviewable number of worldwide top elite athletes of rhythmic gymnastics the Olympic season brings a very high number of high level events, which are with difficulty to manage...!
After the  Derjugina Cup in Kiev  and the Salomunov Memorial in Maribor the World Cup in Portimao, Portugal was the third of this year, already!
And a part of participants of this "rhythmic gymnastics circus" will go directly to the next event, the already fourth  Grand Prix in Marbella (ESP), next weekend....!

With a score of 75,725 points Ewgenia KANAEVA won the all-around decision in front of the Ukrainian  world champion  Anna BESSONOVA (72,625) and attained the total triumph at the closing day in Portimao, winning all the four apparatus finals, too!
So Kanaeva won her seventh title after her third world cup and seems one of the main favorit of the upcoming Olympics this year...!

* From Portimao for GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL - Dirk ZIMMERMANN (Fotos)

Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS) in front of
Bessonova und Kapranova
already at the all-around

- favorit of the hearts!

FI N A LS-  Gruppen
As expected Russia dominated also the group finals.
Impressively was the performance with hoop / clubs of the young Chinese group, which ranked on second place, even in front of the strong concurrence from Bulgaria, Belarus and Italy ...!

* R E S U L T S

* 5 ropes:
1. RUSSLAND                - 17,500
2. BULGARIA                 - 17,175
3. BELARUS                  - 16,775
> 5 Ropes/Seile  

* 3 Hoops / 4 Clubs
1. RUSSIA     - 17,850
2. CHINA              - 17,075
3. BULGARIA   - 16,975
> 3 / 4  Hoops/Clubs