01. May 2011  
Portimao, Portugal  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

The 6th Portimao World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2011 will be held this weekend in the backround of the traditional 25th anniversary of the"TORNEIO INTERNATIONAL".
Portimao will host nearly 400 gymnasts, representing 34 different nations.
About 50 individual gymnasts including the Russian tops Kanaeva, Kondakova and Dmitrieva, but also Staniouta (BLR), Garayeva (AZE), Weber (AUT), Ledoux (FRA) between many others are going to competeduring the next days in Portugal, together with also 12 Junior and 14 Senior groups...

Russian Junior Group celebrating their victory
* Reporting from Portimao: GYMmedia correspondent Esther Teijeira

The Russian Junior group competing with 5 ropes

Senior groups 5 balls routine
As expected, Russia took the lead after the first rotation and on Saturday it will be decided who is the group all-around winner of this year’s edition of the Portimao World Cup. Second placed Italy (27,200 points) and third the Israeli group (26,500 points). The Belarussian gymnasts made a mistake at the end of their routine and placed only sixth (26,000 points) behind Bulgaria and France.

Results Senior groups 5 balls:
1- RUS 28,400
2- ITA 27,200
3- ISR 26,900

Results Senior Groups 5 balls

Italian group competing with five balls

* Friday 29th of April 2011
Junior groups five balls 2nd round
The second round finished as expected with Russia placing ahead of Belarus and Israel, even as the Russian exercise wasn’t as perfect as yesterday’s. The Belorussian Junior group did a clean routine on this Friday afternoon and was rewarded with the second place. Israel today had some little problems in one of their body elements and scored less than in the first round, placing third after these two qualification rounds.
But nothing is decided yet, because the medals will be given away tomorrow evening in the final of the best eight junior groups and all groups start from zero again.

Results Junior 5 Ropes Qualifying:
1- RUS 53,200
2- BLR 51,750
3- ISR 51,600

> Final Results Junior Groups after 2 rounds

Silvia Miteva competing with hoop

* Saturday 30th of April 2011
Senior All-Around Clubs & Ribbon
Saturday’s senior all-around finished with Daria Kondakova from Russia winning ahead of her teammates Evgenia Kanaeva and Daria Dmitrieva. Kanaeva scored 0,100 points less than Kondakova and therefor loses her first all-around in the last three years. Kanaeva made a small mistake with ribbon and had a drop outside the carpet with clubs that meant that she not only lost the gold medal in Portimao, but also that she will be present only in two of the finals, with hoop and ball, tomorrow as there are allowed only two gymnasts per country and the “two Dashas” over scored her in both exercises.
On fourth place ranks Aliya Garaeva from Azerbaidjan and on fifth Liubov Charkashina from Belarus.

Final Results Senior All-Around
1- Daria Kondakova (RUS) 114,325
2- Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS) 114,225
3- Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) 111,000

> Final Results Senior All-Around

Junior Groups Final
The Russian junior group wanted to repeat the success of her senior teammates. They took the gold medal in the junior groups final ahead of Israel and Belarus, even with a drop outside the carpet after an exchange. The Swiss juniors performed again very well and became fourth. The five girls from Germany did their best routine during this tournament and were rewarded with the fifth place in the final.

Final Results Junior groups final
1- RUS 26,400
2- ISR 26,250
3- BLR 26,150

> Final Results Junior Groups Final
Senior Hoop Final
Evgenia Kanaeva from Russia won this Sunday afternoon the hoop final with 29,125 ahead of her teammate Daria Kondakova (28,225) and Aliya Garaeva from Azerbaidjan (27,825). Melitina Staniouta from Belarus placed fourth (27,725) and Neta Rivkin from Israel fifth (27,475).

> Result Senior Final Hoop

Senior Ball Final
Evgenia Kanaeva from Russia won also the ball final with 29,200 points ahead again of her teammate Daria Kondakova (28,625) and Melitina Staniouta (28,125) from Belarus.

> Result Senior Final Ball