18. March 2012  
Kiev, Ukraine  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

First World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Kiev

Even without the two stars Kanaeva and Kondakova the world's top nation of rhythmic gymnastics Russia was unbeatable again - this time in the person of Daria Dmitrieva, who won not only the all-around competition (115.675) of the World Cup event  "Deryugina" in the Ukrainian capital Kiev with four apparatus top-scores, but also three of four final events last weekend.
Next in all-around - despite a respectable backlog of more than 2 points - were the two local hero inside Alina Maksimenko and Anna Risadtinowa from Ukraine. On Sunday Daria Dmitrieva success, winning three apparatus finals, but failed with the ball. So Alina Maksymenko saved the honor of Ukraine ...