24. February 2003  
Strasbourg / FRA  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gizikova won in Strasbourg / Raskina is back!

Zarina Gizikova (RUS), the winner of Grand Prix series 2002 with hoop and ball, won all around of the international tournament in Strasbourg (FRA). On 2nd rank Julia Raskina from Belarus, whom was second of the Olympic Games 2000. With this success she is back to the round of the world best gymnasts. It referred Vera Sessina (RUS) to the 3rd rank. Inna Shukova, 6th of the World Championships 2001, became 4th.
Gizikova won the finals with hoop and ribbon, Zhukova was the best with ball and Sesina became 1st with clubs.