18. August 2007  
Bangkok / Thailand  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gymnastics World Stars at the UNIVERSIADE 2007 - Total Triumph of Anna BESSONOVA

After winning the all-around competition of the Rhythmic Gymnastics events of the XXIV. UNIVERSIADE 2007 in Bangkokat the Ukrainian top gymnast Anna BESSSONOVA won all the apparatus finals and reached the total triumph.
The Russians  Olga Kapranova and Vera Sessina  won the rest of the medals, together with the bronze medallists Natalia GODUNKO (UKR; rope), Inna ZHUKOVA (BLR; hoop) and Aliya YUSSUPOVA (KAZ; ribbon).

The all-around qualification of groups ends with leading Russian team in front of Ukraine and Japan.
The group finals were won bei Russia (3 hoops/2 clubs) and Ukraine (5 ribbons)...