09. May 2005  
Corbeil-Essones / Frankreich  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Irina Tschaschtschina - triple triumph at World Cup again

After winning the all-around competition of the world cup of rhythmic gymnastics in Corbeill-Essones (France) in front of her Ukraine rivals Bessonova and Godunko the Russian favorite Irina Tchachina won also three of the four apparatus finals last weekend.
Anna Bessonova won the ball decision only and placed second in rope and clubs final behind Tchachina....
Event Finals

1. Tchachina, Irina RUS 17,100
Bessonova, Anna UKR 16,725
3. Godunko, Natalia UKR 16,650

1. Tchachina, Irina RUS 17,175
2. Bessonova, Anna UKR 16,800
3. Godunko, Natalia UKR 16,725

1. Bessonova, Anna UKR 17,000
2. Peycheva, Simona BUL 16,600
3. Godunko, Natalia UKR 16,525

1. Tchachina, Irina RUS 17,275
3. Godunko, Natalia UKR 16,825
2. Kapranova, Olga RUS 16,625