25. August 2006  
Tokyo / Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Japanese Rhythmic Gymnastcs Clubs Championships 2006

From 22nd to 24th August, the 2006 All Japanese RG Club Championships were held in Tokyo.
Japanese Club Team champion 2006 is AEON (140,275), followed by the squad of NPO Gifu RG Club (132,80) and on third came Hikousen RG Club (131.375).

The all-around winner, Ai Yokochi (52.075) (photo, left) came also from AEON team; she made her personally record: the fourth title from 2003 on!
But this year it was a very strong concurrence, because Mimi Inoue (Hikousen RG Club) led after semi final...

The Team AEON' wins the 2006 Japanese Club Championships

Mimi INOUE: ... one of the favorite for national championships this year!

1. AEON 140.275
2. NPO Gifu RG Club 132.800
3. Hikousen RG Club 131.375

4. Macida RG 127.975
5. Adachi RG Club 125.500
6. Yamagata RG 122.625
7. Kumamoto RG 121.575
8. Womans RG Club 117.400

1. Ai YOKOCHI (AEON) 52.075
2. Mai HIDAKA (Adachi RG Club) 50.125
3. Mimi INOUE (Hikousen RG Club) 49.250

4. Nanase SHOJI (Yamagata RG) 48.200
5. Yuma TERASAWA (Machida RG) 46.225
6. Yosie HAYASHI (Kumamoto Jr.RG Club) 46.075
7. Miwa ASANO (NPO Gifu RG Club) 45.150
8. Chihiro YAMAMOTO (AEON) 45.075

Following three teams booked the tickets for the AEON Cup this year:

AEON, NPO Gifu RG Club and Hikousen RG Club.

Kotono Tanaka, best junior

- GYMmedia report & photos by Takako Kobayashi, Tokyo
--- these event is supported by Chacott Co. Ltd.