10. May 2007  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Julie ZETLIN - The Elegant Princess

Statuesque, stunningly beautiful and passionate about her sport – this is USA’s current silver medallist,
Julie Zetlin.

Only in Julie Zetlin's second year as a senior competitor, she has numerous National titles and a bit of International experience under her belt.
The little girl of yesteryear with the Hungarian name (and mother) has grown up and nearly doubled her difficulty level in her competition program.
Last week at the Grand Prix in Burgas (BUL) she was elected as "Miss Elegance" ....


- International results:
2007 – Bourgas Grand Prix – 16 AA
2007 – Portimao World Cup – 46 AA
2007– Deriugina World Cup – 41 AA
2007– Moscow Gazprom – 18 AA

2006 – Deventer Grand Prix – 15 AA
2006 – Pacific Alliance – 5 AA
and much more…..

- by Andrea Buzas / USA