05. March 2006  
Moscow / RUS  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Kabaeva is back! She won three of five Grand Prix Finals

Olympic Champion Alina Kabaeva (RUS) is back on the stage of the world best rhythmic gymnasts! Yesterday, she won the all around competition of the first Grand Prix Tournament of 2006 series in Moscow with 67,125 points in front of her teammates Vera Sesina (66,950) and Olga Kapranova (66,725).
Today, she was the best of the finals with rope and ribbon. Vera Sesina was the winner of the finals with ball and clubs. Kabaeva, 22 years old successfully gymnast, had retired after the 2004 Olympic Games, but started her career in the last year again.
On the next places Natalia Godunko (UKR), Marina Spekht (RUS) and Inna Zhukova (BLR) follow. Anna Bessonova (UKR) had a lot of mistakes and could not receive one of the first places.
All-around, Qualification
- Friday, 03-Mar-2006 -

1. Kabaeva, Alina (RUS) 67,075
2. Sessina, Vera (RUS) 66,950
3. Kapranova, Olga (RUS) 66,725
4. Godunko, Natalia (UKR) 63,375
5. Shpekht, Marina (RUS) 62,500
6. Zhukava, Inna (BLR) 62,375
7. Putintceva, Svetlana (RUS) 61,825
8. Garaeva, Aliya (AZE) 60,925
9. Yussupova, Aliya (KAZ) 60,675
10. Bessonova, Anna (UKR) 59,350
11. Risenzon, Irina (ISR) 58,975
12. Charkashyna, Lubov (BLR) 58,875
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(- alltogether34 gymnasts from 24 countries.