12. March 2006  
Madeira / Portugal  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Madeira Tournament: Russian Maryna Shpehkt with total triumph .... Belarus and Spain dominate group competitions

At the second day of the 11th INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT MADEIRA 2006 the Russian Maryna Shpehkt wins with two top exercises with clubs and ribbon. Leading after the first day's rotations she beats Liubov Charkashyna from Belarus, followed by the Spanish star Almudena Cid Tostado (ESP) . The Spanish 'Lady of Gymnastics' gets the special price with a 100% voting of all journalists. This 'Prix d'elegance was sponsored by the company d'villena
On fourth place came Katerina Biazverkhaya (BLR), followed by Yana Seledchk from Russia and Carolina Rodríguez from Spain...
At the Sunday Russia's Maryn Sphpehkt wins all the event finals...

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R O P E / Seil
1. Maryna Shpekht RUS 16,425
2. Liubou Charkashyna BLR 15,950
3. Yana Seledchk RUS 14,375

4. Katerina Biazverkhaya BLR 14,150
5. Carolina Rodriguez ESP 13,550
6. Caroline Weber AUT 13,000
7. Fruzsina Benyo HUN 12,350
8. Susana Abrantes POR 11,750

1. Maryna Shpekht RUS 17,100
2. Katerina Biazverkhaya BLR 15,675
3. Yana Seledchk RUS 15,250
4. Liubou Charkashyna BLR 14,650
5. Caroline Weber AUT 14,625
6. Carolina Rodriguez ESP 14,050
7. Tjasa Seme SLO 13,800
8. Sabrina Pillhatsch AUT 13,750

C L U B S / Keulen
1. Maryna Shpekht RUS 16,200
2. Katerina Biazverkhaya BLR 15,700
3. Yana Seledchk RUS 14,725

4. Liubou Charkashyna BLR 14,600
5. Carolina Rodriguez ESP 14,150
6. Rachel Cossar CAN 12,750
7. Caroline Weber AUT 12,725
8. Tjasa Seme SLO 12,725

R I B B O N / Band
1. Maryna Shpekht RUS 16,325
2. Liubou Charkashyna BLR 16,200
3. Katerina Biazverkhaya BLR 15,800

4. Carolina Rodriguez ESP 13,425
5. Monica Mickova CZE - SKG 12,850
6. Yana Seledchk RUS 12,350
7. Tjasa Seme SLO 12,200
8. Caroline Weber AUT 11,900
1st Day: RG individual + groups

At the late Friday evening the first rotations of rhytmic gymnastics individual and groups competitions of the 11th International Tournament MADEIRA 2006' closed by leading the group of Belarus (5 ribbons), in front of Spain and the big surprise Brazil (!), followed by host Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Canada and South-Africa....

Maryna Shpekht:
... leads after two apparatusses (photo >>) << Russia's young star Marina Spekht leads after two apparatusses with a difference of 0,05 points only. Titleholder and Spaniard star Almudena Cid Tostado ranked on second place, followed by Liubov Charkashyna from Belarus...

Almudena CID (ESP)
- winner last year

GYMmedia correspondent Esther Teijeirareports directly after the end of the all-around decisions on Saturday.
Upon request the Portuguese host she presents an
Event Photo Gallery.

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