10. March 2006  
Madeira / Portugal  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 11th International Tournament Madeira 2006 GYM family Event 2006

After one decade only the International Madeira Tournament', which will held coming weekend on the Portuguese island Madeira - is established in the worldwide gymnastics calendar.
Started in 1996 as an rhythmic gymnastics event it is mixed from 2001 on with male artistic gymnastics. These competitions for both disciplines are a early start event into the young international season.
So the 11th anniversary will use by artistic and rhythmic gymnasts coming from 19 different nations - a new tournament record of the ten years old history!
So a lot of young participants utilize this date for their preparations to the beginning world cup season and specially for the European Championships, which will held at the beginning of May.....

11th International Madeira Tournament 2006 - powered by dvillena'

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Attractive of artistic & rhythmic gymnastics

Beginning in 2001 the artistic gymnastics competions were won three time by the Portuguese gymnastics star Manuel Campos, who was the winner 2001, 2002 and 2005 - broken by his teammate Felipe Besugo (2003) and by the Canadian Grant Golding (2004).

Last year's winner of the rhythmic gymnastics all-around was the Spaniard star (photo, right)
followed by her compatriot Esther Escolar (ESP) and Raquel Muro e Silva from Portugal.