07. April 2006  
Ljubljana / Slovenia  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 19th MTM Narodni Dom Tournament GYM family Event 2006

Under the Patronage of Mayoress...
Club for Rhythmic Ggymnastics 'Narodni Dom' Ljubljana (Slovania) finally set the date for the 19th MTM Narodni Dom Tournament 2006. The competition will be in sports hall 'Krim Galjevica' on the 8th of April 2006.
This year, the tournament will be under the patronage of the mayoress of Ljubljana Mrs. Danica Simšič
(<< photo, left)
, so all the gymnasts from around the globe will compete at 19th MTM Narodni dom for the 'Prize of Ljubljana City'.
Each year, the organisers attract to Ljubljana some of the world's best gymnasts - last year MTM Narodni dom tournament was won by the multiple World champion Russian Olga Kapranova - and they promise the same for this year's competition....

Tjaša Šeme, Slovanian champion is waiting for the rivalries...

The tournament has promoted itself to become the biggest Rhythmic Gymnastics event in Slovenia and is also known worldwide by the motto of famous Slovenian drama actress Ivanka Mežan, who has already won the highest award for stage performance in Slovenia, the Borštnik Ring. 'Endow, bird, my youth with wings...'
Club's NARODNI DOM president Dr. Viljem Pšeničny is happy to wish all the participants a pleasant stay with us, a lot of success in the tournament, and to be able to resume old friendships and establish new sports friendly relations:
'We would like to express our gratitude to the Mayoress of the Ljubljana City Mrs. Danica Simčič and to Municipality of Ljubljana for the understanding and continuous support of our tournament,' said Pšeničny.

Reported by Zala ZALETEL, Ljubljana
>> Morning
- 08.00–08.50 -- Warming up for groups D and C
- 09.00-10.20 -- Competition group D
- 10.20-12.00 -- Competition group C

- 12.10 -- Awards ceremony for groups D and C
- 12.00–12.30 -- Lunch Break
>> Afternoon
- 12.30–12.45 -- Warming up for group B (competition mat)
- 12.45–15.15 -- Competition group B
- 15.15-15.30 -- Warming up for group A, first half (competition mat)
- 15.30–15.50 -- Opening ceremony
- 15.50–17.20 -- Competition group A (first half of gymnasts)
- 17.20–17.30 -- Warm up for group A, second half.. (competition mat)
- 17.30-19.00 -- Competition group A (second half of gymnasts)
- 19.10 -- Awards ceremony for groups B and A
- 20.00 -- Closing dinner in the Sports Hall premises

SUNDAY, April 9
- 10.00 -- Guided tour of Ljubljana
-- 12.00 -- Departure of delegations