01. March 2004  
Moscow / RUS  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Tchachina the best of 1st Grand Prix

Irina Tchachina (RUS) won the all around competition and three of four finals of the 1st tournament of 2004 Grand Prix series in Moscow.
Inna Zhukova (BLR) won the final with ball.
Alya Yussupova (KAZ) and Olga Kapranova (RUS) got 2nd and 3rd places of all around.

World Champion Alina Kabaeva got an injury of her foot after the exercise with ball and had to finish the competition. The Ukrainian World Champion Anna Bessonova take not part in this tournament.

Former World Champion Tamara Yerofeeva (UKR) got 6nd place today. (4. Vera Sesina, RUS, 5. Inna Zhukova, BLR)

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