29. April 2007  
Portimao / Portugal  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics finished in Portimao

On Saturday took place the all-around decisions of the World Cup of rhythmic gymnastics in Portimao.
With a ledge of 0,8 points the Sussian Alina Kabaeva won the all-around competition with a score of 71,625 - after two strong exercises with clubs and Ribbon. - at last clearly in front of the Ukrainian Anna Bessonova (70.825). The bronze medal went to the Russian Vera Sesina (70.350).
Winner of the groups competition were the girls from Russia, followed by Bulgaria and Belarus - Italian girls drop behind from third to 10th place!

On Sunday once again Alina Kabaeva dominated the final day and won with rope and clubs.
Her Russian teammate Olga Kapranova was the best with hoop and Anna Bessonova got the victory for Ukraine with ribbon...

Portimao, Venue of the World Cup & the XXI. International Tournament

From Portimao reporting for GYMmedia:
TEXT: Ester Teijeira (ESP); PHOTOS: Dirk Zimmermann (GER)

Anna Bessonova (RUS)
- second at the end

Saturday, April 28
Senior Groups World Cup,- Decision

Russia's group
won the all-around group decision at Saturday after the hoops/clubs exercise, in front of  Bulgaria and Belarus, followed by Israel, Spain and France. The only faultless routines were performed by the group of Israel and Spain.
Today might become a day to forget for several groups, like Italy, who had a really bad performance in the mixed routine, with several apparatuses out of bounds and even 4 hoops in the carpet at the same time. Italy fall down from 3rd up to 10th place...!
Germany had also a very bad performance, losing any option to get a better position than yesterday - rank 17 of the 20 participating teams...!

>> Groups AA Results

On Sunday the Russian Group dominated all the two groups finals in front of Bulgaria and Belarus:

>> Final 5 Ropes      >> Final 3 Hoops / 4 Clubs

Russia - winner of the groups all-around competition

Bulgarian group on top after the first day!

Junior's competitions
First of all, the audience could enjoy their performances with rope and hoop.
After this two first rotations, the leader is the Russian Alexandra Ermakova, who got a big advantage with her rope routine, while showing a rather weak performance with hoop, where  she even had a drop out of the carpet. However, she was able to beat both Ukrainian gymnasts, Daria  Kushnerova and Valeriya Shurkhal, who placed 2nd and 3rd  in the moment...

On Friday, April 27, there where held  the decision of the junior event here in Portimao:
The gold medal at the Junior competition went to the Russian Aleksandra Ermakova, who was leading since first day with a big advantage on the two Ukrainians, Daria Kushnerova and Valeria Shurkal, who couldn't change anything on the final ranking.

>> Results, Juniors All-around,

Next was the junior group competition, were also the Bulgarian girls won with an exciting, outstanding choreography with 23.100 points  in front of  Belarus (22.925) ,and Israel (22.825).
Belarus had to fight against the handicap of two drops while Bulgaria showed a very convincing execution, only lacking a little bit more of dynamism.
Israel placed 3rd with a faultless exercise and  Hungary (21.625) could place surprisingly better than Spain, probably because the Spanish team had two small drops that lowered their score.
The audience’s favourites of course were the girls of the National team of  Portugal who showed a nice exercise and got a deserved 8th place.

The Junior competition on Saturday also brought some surprises with Belarus winning in front of Israel and Bulgaria.

>> Results Juniors Groups

From Portimao for GYMmedia: Ester Teijeira (ESP)
& Andrea Bouzas (USA); Photos by Dirk Zimmermann