12. June 2005  
Moscow / RUS  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

XXI. European Championships of Rhythmic GymnasticsTchachina most successful gymnast

Irina Tchachina is European Champion with rope and clubs - and with her team. So she is the most successful gymnast of this European Championships. Her teammate Olga Kapranova was the best gymnast with the ball today while Natalia Godunko (UKR) won the final with the ribbon.

The junior group of Belarus is the European Champion 2005! It was a surprise since the Russian group was the favourite for this final. Russia won the silver medal, the 3rd place went to the group from Greece.

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Olga Kapranowa won with the ball and reached the 2nd place with the rope

These European Championships in Moscow were the championships of the hosts. Olga Kapranova definitely proved that she doesn’t stand in the shadow of Kabaeva and Tchachina anymore. With 2 European Championship titles and being the youngest of her team – she is only 17 years old – she certainly has a bright future in front of her. In 2003 she already became World Champion with the Russian team but the gold medal with the ball today has been her first big indidvidual victory.

Closing Gala with men’s RG
The men from Japan who present their very personal style of RG are famous worldwide and thrilled the audience at the closing gala of these European Championships in Moscow. In a one-hour lasting show, gymnasts from all different kinds of age presented their performances, among them the former World Champion Amina Zaripova. Not among the participants – Alina Kabaeva.
Results overview

Results rope:

1. Irina Tchachina RUS 17.050
2. Olga Kapranova RUS 16.850
3. Anna Bessonova UKR 16.175
4. Inna Zhukova BLR 16.025
5. Natalia Godunko UKR 15.900
6. Simona Peycheva BUL 15.825
7. Dinara Gimatova AZE 15.175
8. Anna Gurbanova AZE 15.075
Results clubs:

1. Irina Tchachina RUS 17.150
2. Olga Kapranova RUS 16.600
3. Anna Bessonova UKR 16.275
4. Simona Peycheva BUL 15.600
5. Inna Zhukova BLR 15.575
6. Liubov Sharkashyna BLR 15.375
7. Natalia Godunko UKR 15.325
8. Anna Gurbanova AZE 15.175

Results ribbon:

1. Natalia Godunko UKR 16.225
2. Anna Bessonova UKR 16.150
3. Inna Zhukova BLR 15.875
4. Vera Sessina RUS 15.525
5. Simona Peycheva BUL 15.400
6. Irina Tchachina RUS 15.375
7. Valeria Kuryilskaya BLR 14.600
8. Irina Risenson ISR 14.400

The Bulgarian group - 3rd in the qualification, today only 5th