18. November 2009  
Durang, Bilbao, Spain  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

A lot of international Stars at the Euskalgym 2009

The Spanish audience had the great chance to enjoy the rhythmic  stars for a last time in this season during the Euskalgym 2009, which took place this last weekend in Durango and Bilbao (Basque Country). This event was planned as a national competition for groups, together with an exhibition of some of the best international gymnasts in the world. After a notorious effort of the organization, the names which were gathered resulted really impressive, with 7 of the top 10 gymnasts of the last World Championships in Mie (Japan) in the list:
The current Olympic and World Champion Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS) Anna Bessonova (UKR), bronze medallist in Beijing and Mie, Melitina Staniouta, the rising Byelorussian young star, the number one of Bulgarian gymnasts, Silviya Miteva, the charming and charismatic Irina Risenzon from Israel, Liubov Charkashyna (BLR) and Aliya Garaeva from Azerbaijan.

** GYMmedia correspondent Esther TEIJEIRA reporting from Bilbao & Durand (ESP)

Almudena Cid Tostado (middle)

The top stars offered some of their routines and also some gala performances, received by the Spanish audience, which completely crowded the competition hall (with up to 4500 seats) both days, with applauses and admiration.
As always happens in Spain, every performance was celebrated with a lot of noise and the audience went crazy with every single routine.
There were some interesting highlights during the Euskalgym 2009, like when Dinara Gimatova (Aliya Garaeva's coach and former gymnast, retired after Beijing 2008) herself performed a gala show or when the audience sang the "Happy birthday" song to Melitina Staniouta, who turned 16 years old in Bilbao on Sunday 15th, November.
We could also witness one of the very last times to see the great Anna Bessonova from Ukraine performing, as everything shows that she most probably won't continue next season after many successful years and a long career as one of the most beloved gymnasts of the last decade.
And not to forget the breathtaking acrobatic show performed by Almudena Cid and Ortxi Acosta, former member of the Spanish men's artistic gymnastics team and Cirque du Soleil acrobat now, when the audience could enjoy of the unexpected talent of skill of the former RSG star in the acrobatic field.
To sum up, a big exhibition show, with most of the best current gymnasts in the world, dedicated to the promotion of RSG in the Basque Country and in Spain, and conceived as a party for both gymnasts and the loyal and cheerful Spanish audience, in a familiar environment.
See you in the Euskalgym 2010 in the Basque country!
* GYMmedia report & photos
   by Esther Teijeira

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