22. October 2017
Rzeszow, POL
Sports Acrobatics

The entry list of the 28th European Championships of Acrobatic Gymnastics 2017 in Rzeszov, Poland in the elite's competition was nothing less than impressive:
12 Federations are sending seniors: 6 Women’s Pairs, 9 Men’s Pairs, 10 Mixed Pairs, 10 Women’s Groups and 7 Men’s Groups.
* Russian stars Marina Chernova and Georgiy Pataraya are joined by teammates Nikolay Suprunov, Igor Mishev, Daria Guryeva and Daria Kalinina;
* Belgium’s Noémie Lammertyn and Lore Vanden Berghe;

17. October 2017
Rzeszow, POL
Sports Acrobatics

UEG - preview--: Having just hosted the European Age Group competitions, Rzeszow got a brilliant rehearsal for this week’s 28th European Championships Acrobatic Gymnastics 2017 (elite & juniors). The gymnasts will have a well-prepared and well-trained team welcoming them and ensuring their needs are met.
In Elite's categories 12 Federations are sending seniors: 6 Women’s Pairs, 9 Men’s Pairs, 10 Mixed Pairs, 10 Women’s Groups and 7 Men’s Groups. The entry list  is nothing less than impressive: Russian stars...

11. September 2017
Lisbon, POR
Sports Acrobatics

Russia, Israel, Belgium, Belarus and Portugal, all established or emerging powerhouses in Acrobatic Gymnastics, flexed their muscles with gold medal finishes as the Acro World Cup season drew to a close September 8-10 in Lisbon / POR.
* ... all the results you will find ►► h e r e
* ... read more about this competion on fig-website
After  > Maia / POR in March,...

27. July 2017
Wrocław, POL
Sports Acrobatics

The first British gold medal in any sport at The World Games 2017 was delivered courtesy of four young acrobats whose show-stopping performance lit up Centennial Hall Wednesday night, July 26 in the Polish city of Wrocław. As the British rejoiced, Ukraine and the USA (double mini-tramp) savored their own golden moments, and a Chinese tumbling star who tied for gold four years ago at The World Games finally got to stand solo on the podium.

3. April 2016
Putian / CHN
Sports Acrobatics

Twenty-two years after the 1994 Beijing Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships, the People’s Republic of China welcomed again the world’s top Acrobatic gymnasts, with best-on-the-planet status on the line: The 2016 25th Acro Worlds took place at the Putian Sports Complex Gymnasium in the 3.5 million metropolis of Putian City in China’s Fujian province, midway between Hong Kong and Shanghai, from April 01 - 03. World titles are up for grabs in all five disciplines of Acro: Men’s and Women’s...