25. August 2009  
Jinzhong, China  

2009 Chinese Trampoline Nationals

The 2009 Chinese National Championship Competition of Trampolining and Tumbling where held in Jinzhong (prov. Shanxi) from August 20 t o 22.
The winners of the Olympic individual trampoline competition were the Olympic Champion (2009 Beijing) Lu Chunlong, beating the World cup winner DONG Dong and the 2007 world champion YE Shuai.
On women's side, Zhong Xingping get gold, in front of Olympic bronze medallist (2004) HUANG Shanshan and WANG Yun.
Winners of the sunchronized competitions were Liu Yang / Wang Long and in women's category  Guo Ran / Zhang Yuanyuan.
The new Chinese tumbling champions are Zhang Lingfeng and Jia Fangfang ....
1. Liu Yang/ Wang Long (Guangxi)
2. Zhang Yunfeng / Wang Zhe ( )
3. Lei Ming / Qian Cheng (Jiangsu)

1. Guo Ran-Zhang Yuanyuan (Shanxi)
2. Yao Yanjun / Chen Yu (Zhejiang)
3. Wang Yun-Cao Yuanjie (Anhui)
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