21. May 2008  
Osaka / Japan  

2nd Worldcup 2008 in the Olympic Year

At the first time in Japan.

The 2nd World-Cup in Trampoline last Weekend at the Sunflower Dome of Osaka (Japan) - athletes from 12 countries competed - won the gold medal in men´s individual Trampoline Lu Chunlong (CHN), second place for Olympic Champion Juri Nikitin from Ukraine. He Wenna (CHN) take the lead in women´s individual Trampoline, silver medal for Olena Mowtschan (UKR).
In men´s and women´s synchronized Trampoline won Nikolai Kasak / Wjatscheslaw Model (BLR) and Gu Qingwen / Jiang Yigi (CHN).

>> The event was the first major international trampoline only event in Japan since the 1984 World Championships in Osaka and only the second World Cup ever held in Asia.

Denis HACK

2nd WORLDCUP Osaka 2008
- Osaka (Japan), 17. / 18. MaY 2008 -

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