20. September 2008  
Togliatti, Russia  

Chinese double success also at the last World Cup Final

At the 9th and last Trampoline World Cup Final of the history the last decisions took placein Togliatti, Russia:
On Friday and in absence of the Olympic Champion Lu, Chunlong his Chinese teammate DONG, Dong won the men's individual, followed by the 2004 Olympic Champion Yuri Nikitin and the Japanese Yasuhiro Ueyama.
Without Olympic Champion HE, Wenna her teammate HUANG, Shanshan was the winner in the women's individual category...

Dong, Dong: Olympic Bronze medalist won the world cup final

Ekaterina Mironova/Tatiana Petrenia, (46,30) from Belarus beat the host and favorite  pair Natalia Chernova/Irina Karavaeva fpollowed by the Chinese Gu, Qinwen/Jiang, Yiqi (45,50.
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- by Philippe Silacci, FIG
Men’s Trampoline Synchro Japan and its flying machines Tetsuya Sotomura and Yasuhiro Ueyama took their world titles in Quebec 2007. Today, they’ve added another trophy to their collection. They’re in top condition and flaunting it with a great sense of humour. This pair nosed out the Australians by 1 tenth of a point: 49.30 pts.
A delicious surprise from Australia’s Scott Brown and Ben Wilden. Excellent performance, precise with good height and style. The Jury didn’t miss that.
A total of 49.20 pts and a well-earned second place. Portugal placed third with Diogo Ganchinho and Nuno Merino: 49.00 pts.
A real disappointment for France, who takes its place at the foot of the podium. Fresh off the plane just yesterday (see preceding news), French trampoliners Sébastien Martiny and Grégoire Pennes could almost taste a medal, they were that close! Coach Franck Bardy is nonetheless satisfied: 48.60 pts.
At least they did better than Ukraine’s Olexander Chernonos and 2004 Olympic Champion in Athens, Yuri Nikitin. These two bedazzled us with style and power, and their experience speaks for itself: 48.40 pts, tied with Belarus.
Germany gave a sterling performance until Michael Serth botched his landing at the last rebound. Henrik Stehlik, Michael’s team-mate known for his sense of fair play and integrity, stood on the sidelines with a wry if not mischievous smile. And it’s his smile we take with us as we turn a page in the history of Trampoline; remember that an annual world championship will replace the Cup Final from here on out.

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2009 will see Trampoline united in Russia to contend the 26th World Championships in St Petersburg.

Anna Korobeynikova, Russia