19. October 2003  

Final day with event finals

Most successful World Champs for host Germany
The 23rd Trampoline World Championships 2003 ended with the event finals in the Olympic disciplines trampoline- individual men and women as well as with the finals in the disciplines tumbling and double- minitramp.
The German Henrik Stehlik from Salzgitter won two gold medals and the very first gold medal in men's individual disciplin for Germany.
It was the most successful world chammps for host Germany...
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Medal Winners:2-Alexander Moskalenko (RUS), 1-Henrik Stehlik (GER), 3-David Martin (FRA)

Trampoline, Women

she has 2 tenth more of difficulty in her routine than Dogonadze and manages to overtake her (40.20);
- Olena Movchan (UKR) - ... in this final which has a very high level of quality she gets in between the two currently leading gymnasts (39.70);
- Huang, Chanchan - she starts with the very difficult triple salto – 1/2 turn but crashes after her 4th jump…
- Natalia Chernova (RUS) - .. at the beginning she gets a bit away from the middle of the trampoline but manages to correct that until the end; she finishes her routine safely (diff.: 13.90; final score: 39.10);
- Irina Karavaeva (RUS) – triple salto 1/2 turn at the beginning, then she dangerously gets close to the end of the trampoline but manages to correct that mistake safely; nonetheless she ends up on rank 7;

1. Karen Cockburn (CAN) 40,20
2. Olena Movchan (UKR) 39,70
3. Anna Dogonadze (GER) 39,20.

>>Results, TRAMPOLINE, Women

Henrik Stehlik (GER)

- Dmitri Poliarush (BLR) - ... a good routine until the last jump during which he crashes…(30.70);
- Juri Nikitin (UKR) – extremly high jumps (!!) and a great start ... but then he almost crashes during his 6th jump and only presents a layout as 7th j

Women's Medals Trio

- Drew Rentrro (USA) currently on the 3rd position;
- Sarah Charles (CAN) – elegant jumps with technically perfect turns;
- Galina Goncharenko (RUS) – double salto 1/2 turn and salto with turns as second jump, she reaches the 4th position.

Medals Trio, Men

- Radostin Rachev (BUL) – also he with a fall on the landing.. - Vladimir Cojoc (MDM) – very beautifull twists – the widest flight after the second jump;
- Alexei Ilichev (RUS): - two jumps with a very good layout position and nice twists, he takes t

Women's medal trio, Tumbling

Final: TUMBLING, Men

>i> ... Sorry, part of this report (the first rotation) is currently lost due to a system crash…

2nd rotation
- Yves Tarin (FRA) – he crashes!
- Damien Walters (GBR) – 21/2 twists in his double layout;
- Tseko Mogotsi (RSA) – double salto with double twist in the end and he takes the lead;
- Pan, Huanian (CHN) – he presents the highest difficulty: the only gymnast with three additional highlights in his series of 8 elements!! Great!!