07. February 2004  
Lilleshall / GBR  

First British Olympic Control Competition

The first national Control competition in 2004 for the British trampolinists was held at Lilleshall NSC on February 6.
Winner in women's category was Claire Wright (Edgbarrow), the best male gymnast was Gary Smith from the Jumpers...
Baga report:--- This competition was very important for Olympic selection. Kirsten Lawton had 8 points from gaining the Olympic place for GB in the World Championships in Hanover, Claire Wright had 6 points. Each of the 3 Control competitions carry a 6 point weighting for 1st place, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd etc.
The two remaining Control competitions will take place on 22nd February in Harlow, and on 29th February in South Shields.

The best two sets of points for each performer from the World championships in Hanover and the 3 Control competitions will determine the Olympic place.

National Coach John Beer commented:
'I felt Claire Wright and Kirsten Lawton looked World class, as can be seen from their scores. In the men Simon Milnes, until the last voluntary move 6, looked as if he could make individual final at European's. Gary was also looking good and given the 5 months to European Championships in also looks good for a final'.
Source: baga)