26. August 2007  
St. Petersburg / Russia  

Russian Championships 2007: Trampoline and Tumbling

Two days before the Trampoline World Cup which will be held in St. Petersburg on Saturday this year's Russian Championships 2007 took place.
At the "Petrovsky Sports Complex" and in the absence of nine-times Russian champion Irina KARAVAEVA, Natalia CHERNOVA and, for the first time, Sergei CHUMAK won the 2007 Russian titles of the Olympic trampoline disciplines.
Natalia Kolesnikova and Viktoria Voronina took the trampoline silver and bronze medals on the women's side.
New Russian Champions 2007 on the Double Minitramp are Svetlana Balandina and Kiril Ivanov.
Best of the tumblers at these nationals were Anna Korobeynikova and Andrei Krylov.