15. June 2003  

Start into the new World Cup Circuit

The Russian Olympic Trampoline Champion Alexander Moskalenko won the individual category of the first world cup event of the new circuit 2003/04 in Paris this weekend.
With the same points, but on second place came the Japanese Takayuki Kawanishi and than came Dimitri Poliarush (BLR) and German Khnytchev (RUS), also with the same score on third place, only with a difference of 0,1.
The women's Olympic individual category was dominated by the current world champion Anna Dogonadze from Germany (40,60), on second place came the Chinese shooting-star Huang, Shanshan (39,9) and third was the Canadian Olympic bronze medallist Caren Cockburn (39,8)...

Claire Wright & Kirsten Lawton (GBR)