23. September 2007  
s'Hertogenbosch / Netherlands  

Trampolin: 26th International Oldies Cup 2007

 s'Hertogenbosch (NED) expected 100 veterans

Many former trampoline athletes who are now trainers spended  three great days in the Netherlands, which was hosted the
>>  26th International Oldies-Cup 2007 .

The two Dutch trampolin groups from the clubs TV Flik-Flak and TV NIKA Hoogland organized the event this year in s'Hertogenbosch, for which they have received 100 applications.
... the former 'Ratters Cup'
In the first years the competition was known as the 'Ratcatcher-Cup', because the first events took place in the Lower Saxon town of Hamlin.

<< The photo dates back to the 'Ratcatcher-Cup' of 1985, when the club SG Frankfurt-Nied organized this internatinal meeting.
On the rostrum the former national trainer Heinz-Peter Michels is celebrating his success, he participated as a member of the SV Weiskirchen.
In second place in that year was today's president of the International Gymnastics Association (F.I.G.), André Gueisbuhler, from Lucerne(Switzerland). The third place went to Olaf Bräuer, who was champion in Saarland several times.