28. July 2007  
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil  

Trampoline Debut at the Pan Am Games in Rio

The Canadian favorite Karen COCKBURN won the trampoline debut of the 15th PAN AMERICAN GAMES 2007 in front of her teammate Rosannagh MacLENNAN and the Brazilian Giovanna MATHEUS.

On men's side the winner of the Olympic individual trampoline disciplin was Chris ESTRADA (USA), followed by Jason BURNETT, Canada and Ryan WESTON from USA...
- Qualifying -
Silver medalist at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games, the Canadian Karen Cockburn confirmed her favoritism on the event ranking first on both qualifying presentations.
During the first presentation Cockburn scored 29,10 points.
Another Canadian, Rosannagh MacLennan, ranked second with 28,40 points.
A sharp 27 points score gave the third place to the American Alaina Williams.
During the free routine presentation, Cockburn scored 38,30 points against the 36,40  points summed up by MacLennan.
With a 35 point score, the Brazilian Giovanna Matheus finished third. Adding up the scores from the two qualifying presentations, the ranking of the second presentation remained the same:
Cockburn, MacLennan and Matheus taking the three top positions with 67,40, 64,80 and 62 points, respectively.


During the first presentation of the men’s event, the Canadian Jason Burnett topped the rank with 30,10 points.
In second came the American Chris Estrada with 29,90 points and following him, in third, a tie between the Canadian Bryan Milonia and the American Ryan Weston both scoring 29,60 points.
On the second presentation, Burnett’s effectiveness dropped affording him the fourth place.
Chris Estrada (USA) ranked first with 38,70 points and the Brazilian Carlos Pala came in second with a sharp 38 point score.
Bryan Milonia from Canada finished third with 36,90 points. Adding up the scores from both presentations, the United States finished the first day of competitions in the lead. Estrada summed up 68,60 points; Pala came in second with 66,90 points and Milonia in third with 66,50 points.