18. August 2015
Munich, Germany

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* Currently: The Bavarian Gymnastic Federation is seeking for a qualified trampoline coach for its top center in Munich (Germany) ......

12. August 2015
’s-Hertogenbosch, NED

* f i g -NEWS --: During the beginning of August, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) conducted a Level 2 Academy for Trampoline Gymnastics in s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands at the Flik-Flak Gymnastics Training Center. It was the second time that the Netherlands has hosted a FIG Academy and also the second time that such an Academy was held cooperatively with the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) and its Trampoline Technical Committee. The UEG held a Trampoline training camp at the same time...

21. June 2015
Baku, Azerbaijan

The trampoline competitions of the Ist European Games 2015 in Baku combined the Olympic individual and the non-Olympic synchro, who competed in alternation with the mixed pairs and groups of aerobic gymnastics.
In Trampoline took part a total of 53 athletes (27 men & 26 women including 11 synchro pairs each) from 17 to 21 June, at the National Gymnastics Arena Competition format: In qualification each gymnast/pair must perform 2 routines...:

9. April 2015

When Canada's Karen Cockburn broke her left ankle in preparing for the world trampoline championships in Florida last November, she felt her chances to represent Canada at the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games were a long shot at best. With that in mind, the 34-year-old Stouffville resident set her sights further down the road. Cockburn, however, will be forced to speed up her training after being informed via email by Gymnastics Canada of her selection to the women’s roster...

19. March 2015
Aalsmeer (NED)

It has been 40 years since the very first Aalsmeer Flower Cup: four decades!
The 21st edition on March 21st will host top-class participants once again. Around 330 competitors from 17 different countries, some of them Olympic competitors, some brand new to international competitions.
The > starting list includes the definitive split between morning and afternoon prelims: numbers 342, 438 and 642 start in the afternoon. 
( > time schedule)...