7. July 2018
Arosa, SUI

2018, July 06/07, the 50th International Nissen Cup 2018 took place in the tourist center of Arosa (Switzerland) in Graubünden.
The oldest international trampoline competition owes its name to the inventor of the trampoline, George NISSEN (USA), is held every two years in Switzerland and for the fifth time in Arosa. These traditional competitions with the status of an F.I.G. World Cup as well as the also announced junior competitions are expected to...

28. April 2018
Brescia, ITA

Just two weeks after the 26th European Trampoline Championships in Baku (AZE), the world's trampoline elite gathered for the first Trampoline World Cup Event of the year in Brescia, Italy, where a World Cup was held in 2016 for the first time. On Friday, the elite competitions began in the Centro Sportivo San Filipo there with the qualifying rounds, on Saturday followed the World Cup finals, which saw Chinese winners in front in three of the four...

15. April 2018
Baku, AZE

From Thursday April 12 to Sunday April 15, Europe’s best junior and senior athletes met in the Azerbaijani capital Baku to the 26th European Championships 2018 in Trampoline Gymnastics, compete against themselves and each other for the European titles.
Altogether 420 gymnasts from 25 European federations had registered. Both junior and elite competitions took part in Individual and Synchronised Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling.
These 2018 Championships also served as qualification for next year's European Games. You...

3. March 2018
Lausanne, SUI

FIG--: The next Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships in St. Petersburg (RUS), from 7 to 10 November 2018, will provide the opportunity to test a new event, a team All-around competition combining Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Double Mini-trampoline and women's and men's Tumbling. The final will be contested between the top five nations. This is not the only new addition for this discipline, with the Executive Committee also having given its approval for the World Cup Double Mini-trampoline events. These...

28. February 2018
Lausanne, SUI

The Trampoline Gymnastics Technical Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.) undertook an in-depth review of the 2017 World Championships in Sofia (BUL) as it began making preparations for November’s next edition in St Petersburg (RUS) and fine-tuned proposals for new events during its meeting 24-27 February in Lausanne.  * Source: fig website