26. May 2009
Baar, Schweiz
Wheel Gymnastics

"World Championships of the superlative was great!"

That is o ne of the core declarations of the president of the International  Rhönrad federation (IRV), Paul SIELER, - to the general meeting of his federation in Baar last week. He gave an exclusive interview to European Gymnastic Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL just shortly after the 8th. World Championships in the Swiss town Baar...:

23. May 2009
Baar, Switzerland
Wheel Gymnastics

The Swiss city of BAAR is the host of the 8th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of WHEEL GYMNASTICS 2009 ("German Wheel").
After the Wednesday's opening ceremony the competitions take place from Thursday May 21 to Saturday, May 23.
Germany is not only the country of origin of this amazing and special artistic gym-discipline, but also the most successfully nation from the 1st Worlds (1995) on.
* GYMmedia reports on its German WCh website:

17. March 2009
Chicago / USA
Wheel Gymnastics

The 2009 USA National Wheel Gymnastics Championships were held on March 15th in conjunction with Circesteem at Alternatives, Inc., 4730 N. Sheridan Road, in Chicago.
<< New US Champion 2009 is the Vice World Champion (vault) of 2007 (Salzburg, Austria), Cornell FREENEY (< photo, left).
The field of competitors consisted of one Junior Female athlete; Edith Keme, one Junior Male athlete; Dave Ettelson, and four Senior Male athletes; Same Sake, Chris Delgado, Cornell Freeney,...

16. March 2008
Wolfstein + Ramstein /Deutschland
Wheel Gymnastics

At the  IVth WORLD-TEAM-CUP 2008 in wheel gymnastics with guests from 5 countries the hosting German team achieved the 4th gold medal in a row and therewith stays unchallenged World-Team-Champion!
With a total of 49 points, 
Janin OER, Nadine MÜNSTER, Annette PUSCH and Konstantin MALCHIN gained the gold medal in front of the All-Star-Team (34,00) with World Champion Cecile Meschberger, Sabine Krumm (both Switzerland), Vincent Klimo (Austria) and Solveig Krapf (Norway). The wheel gymnasts from  Japan and the Netherlands share...

15. March 2008
Wolfstein + Ramstein /Deutschland
Wheel Gymnastics

After the first of the two competition of the IVth WORLD-TEAM-CUP 2008 in wheel gymnastics the hosting German team with Janin Oer, Nadine Münster, Annette Pusch and Konstantin Malchin is leading with 24,00 points in front of the All-Star-Team (18,00), the Netherlands (17,00) and Japan (16,00).
There was excitement until the end and a nip-and-tuck-race in the sold-out sports hall in Wolfstein: Germany only gained the lead in the last round by launching a joker and through Constantin Malchin's extra-ordinary routine...