1. December 2014
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The 54th edition of the unique Festival "BLUME Gran Canaria 2014" in memoriam of the unforgettable Spanish folk heroe Joaquin BLUME is now already history.

This year was completed by a considerable improvement of gymnasts from the islands of the Canarian Archipel and the foreign teams. More than 1.350 gymnasts from abroud were visiting one of the 35 events of Gymnastics for All. And again it was a continuation of continuous flexible adaptation to the modern sports development in our fast-paced time, as the Spanish chief organizer Jesus Telo Rodriguez estimates in its balance sheet ...:

29. November 2014
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Almost a little "gone with the wind" was this 2nd edition of "International Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup BLUME 2014".
Originally scheduled at 2 pm, then moved to 4 pm, the competition started at 6 pm finally after the 3rd installaition : The reason was the difficult weather conditions in the Canary Islands: Strong winds blowed over Gran Canaria! So the also planned international artistic gymnastics competitions on the same day even fail completely, because the roof structure of the competition hall was in danger ...
But the young rhythmic gymnast of the German champion group of SKC TABEA Halle were undeterred by all  this and they repeat her victory from last year in the big sports hall of Las Palmas again ...:

28. November 2014
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

On Thursday evening, the big sports hall of Las Palmas, the Centro Insular Deportes, was dedicated to the memory of the founder of the BLUME Festival, Jesus Telo Nuñez, who at the same place seven years ago (2007), at the last time opened the 47th festival, but 12 months later, he died at 2008, November 02, at the age of 82 years.
Long ago was his son, Jesus Telo Rodriguez, now further developed by his side and had in the hand seamlessly all the threads of this half-century tradition of this unique festival's structureand in the 7th year in-house.
This BLUME GALA 2014 was to a further proof that the ideas of the Canarian fatherof gymnastics be further developed creative ...

28. November 2014
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The capital Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) on the main Island of the Canaries was the incident of the very first International BLUME AEROBIC Cup 2014 in the 54th year history of the world-famous general gymnastics festival "BLUME Gran Canaria".
In addition to Rhythmic and artistic Gymnastics, Judo, TeamGym should continue new international competition formats complement the broad program in itself palette for attractive forms of different competitions.
So it is the strategy of the organizers of the Spanish capital club "Gimnasio Las Palmas", to raise the public and media interest on the full range of modern sport.

Every beginning is difficult, however, before prevail new competition formats in the scene will be known, worldwide. Thus, only three clubs from Spain and Germany were initially at the premiere represented that. In the categories of individual, couples, groups and step aerobicsAlso present at this Ist International Aerobic Cup 2014 were participants from Germany, the aerobic center from Halle, which is one of the strongest German centers of this discipline, and the Club TG Zellhause, which measured with the Spanish club "Altau Las Huesa" ...

Organizers and participants in the big Sports Hall of Las Palmas were sure this is already widely accepted the invitation in the coming year from more Aerobics ...!
  Results, Overview

26. November 2014
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

And again there were daily many ideas, new forms of communal practicing and suggestions for providing activity at home, which mediated the daily series of workshops in this BLUME week at the sports center of San Fernando, here in Maspalomas.
At the center of interest was also the water aerobics in the quaint swimming bath with magnificent water temperatures, also yoga was offered, once again the dynamic workshop leader Angela Orozco (photo, left) impressed again with their condition demanding Zumba programs.
The new workshop leader Traude Kell has its "baptism of fire" with flying colors; she said: "For the next year I wish for further integration of the local Spanish population in the workshop program. In this year namely, the involvement of Spanish students struck extremely positive....! "

25. November 2014
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

On the second night of the stage shows at the BlumeFestival in Maspalomas, the German Grandmother of gymnastics, Johanna Quaas, flew formally the hearts: Together with the German Hessian "father of gymnastics", senior gymnast and bedrock, Ernst Niesner, she joined the evening show at the commercial "Jumbo center" on - both with her floor routine. Nearly a storm of enthusiasm they showered and there was even a standing ovation, especially for Johanna, namely as the audience heard that she has just celebrated her 89th birthday three days before ...!

BLUME-OC chief Jesus Telo Rodriguez was  very enthusiastic about the island press coverages one day later: Johanna Quaas from Halle an der Saale offers full-pages next day at the Island's newspapers (* look at ...> La Provincia from Nov 25) and there have been numerous media inquiries for more contacts and interviews with the oldest gymnast of the world! It is just amazed the whole world how powerful a woman with almost ninety years can be! Sometimes Johanna Quaas herself also wonder about it, because for her it is a life-long acquired knowledge that regular sport and in particular the age-appropriate gymnastics operated together to keep the body and mind.
Nothing else is also behind the BLUME festival philosophy, which it applies are continually varied to prove it!

23. November 2014
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

So colorful, varied and dynamic as one for over half a century everybody knows this BLUME Festival Gran Canaria, so colorful and internationally designed was also the opening show at Sunday night on the extensive grounds of the shopping center "Jumbo" in the tourist area of Maspalomas.
Proud hosts of the City Council, together with the chief organizer Jesus Telo Rodriguez  lokked back on the great tradition of this unique festival structure over the past 5 decades and opened than the this year's 54th edition already on Sunday evening. And from now on will follow a week of wide variety of activities ...