23. November 2014
Arucas & Ingenio/ Gran Canaria

Even before the official opening of the 54th Festival BLUME Gran Canaria 2014 on Sunday night at the commercial Jumbo center of Maspalomas the series of many daily events began in the various cities and villages on the "Island of the eternal spring".
It started in Arucas, a town of Gran Canaria with about 37,000 inhabitants, and also in Ingenio, near the island's airport of Las Palmas, where the majority of the local participants came from schools of this area.
BLUME OC distributed then the various groups from abroad to the individual events. This then contributes to the diversity and attractiveness of each show performances.
In particular, highly motivated pupils in Gran Canaria, who have prepared their colorful and creative demonstrations during the year in the physical education of their schools and in clubs are therefore highly motivated to be associated in even international events!
In this clever way this cultivated already over half a century Festival traditon has already influenced generations of people in their individual lifetimes and associated with the sport ...

22. November 2014
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

This BLUME festival is so diverse, though the gymnastic and acrobatics disciplines are in the center of interest:
But there are also Judo, a bridge tournament and yesterday  over 100 enthusiastic swimmers from three Canary Islands with their performances in the SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING!
Full ranks in the swimming pool of the Royal Club "Nautico" of Las Palmas, yesterday evening. Hosted by the oldest swimming club, the "Club Natacion" celebrated four swimming clubs of the Canarian Islands their diverse programs- much to the delight of sports also responsible for the island's capital  Las Palmas and also the presidents of swimming clubs. With active participants a group of Lanzarote was there, also the Club "Nautico Teneriffe" and the two capital's clubs from Las Palmas, "Nautico" and "Metropol".

21. November 2014
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The International TeamGym Cup in 2014 was carried out during the 54th International Festival BLUME GRAN CANARIA, today in the Sports University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. For the first time a Finnish victory, gained by a regional combination of the two clubs Alppilan Salamat & Voimisteluseura Kieppi with 46,750 points on the winner's lists.
Place two in this junior category (< 17 years) went to the British team "Olga", only scarcely behind it, with a score of the 46,150 place three the Austrian formation of the High school of Dornbirn (39,700 whose gymnasts gained the victory in the year before in their category).
With this 5th competition of 2014 was concluded here the series of the European TeamGym cup competitions which began in March in Ostrava (CZE), and about Cesenarico (ITA) in June, Bracknell (GBR) was led in the October and at last at Kergersheim (FRA) in November.

21. November 2014
Gran Canaria, Spain

It was not an easy task for the "NEW" Supervisor in the team of the BLUME Festival organizers to contact the footsteps of the longstanding workshop leaders Bärbel Schoettler from Germany who finished her longtime commitment this year.
<< But Traude KELL of Lower Saxony (GER) has learned a lot in the last decades Festival participation from its predecessor and has already, days before the start, all the threads in hand of the current organization of the workshops of the 54th BLUME Festival. And this year's  program for the coming festival week has it all, for a daily average of 10 events are planned, workshop leaders and all the interested participants must be especially at the right time at the right place - also a logistical challenge!

19. November 2014
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The "Festival with heart" in the sixth decade ...
... and still youthful, fresh and innovative-modern is the unique FESTIVAL BLUME CRAN Canaria, therefore, the 54th edition from November 24 to 29 the island of eternal spring is set in motion again.
The Spanish organizers to Jesus TELO from the gymnastics club "Gimnasio Las Palmas" expect about 46 groups or associations from 15 different European nations with about 900 international guests, but not only that:
In an exemplary way the sporty gymnastic contents of the annual festival week in school curricula and lessons of all Canary Islands integrated: one trains with thousands of children choreographies or programs that are not listed as a distinction from the best in one of the stages or sport halls in different places and cities - an unprecedented concept of effective integration of gymnastics, dance, and aerobics and martial arts, such as judo in the educational and training programs in the schools and universities of the Canary Islands.
* From Friday, November 21 on on the editors and photographers of the European Gymnastics Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL will publish daily reports from this "Festival with Heart" again like all the other years before ...!